We aim to  provide reliable first class painting for all types of events. Face painting is a big hit at any event, be it a birthday
    party, christening, open day, wedding or school fete, we will provide painters for all types of event.
Face painting is not only limited to just children, adults like to join in the entertainment too.
 You can be turned into anything or anyone you want to be. Just let your imagination run wild  and let the

   artist transform you.

   For children's parties (such as birthdays) face painting is a great hit, both with the children - because they love being
   turned into what they want to be - Flower fairies or green monsters etc. - and its a hit with the adults too because it ensures the child    has at least a few minute quiet time sitting still to calm down a bit!

  If you're thinking of holding a party, as a rough guide you can expect a single painter to be able to paint around 10 full
  faces per hour. If your party has a particular theme such as Jungle, Princess  or fancy dress we can tailor our designs to tie in   with your plans.

  As well as children's birthday parties  we  also works at christenings, school fetes, youth clubs, childrens discos, barn
  dances, school discos etc. 
Should you want pricing details or   any further information on how we can make your party go with a swing please don't hesitate to contact us either by e-mail    Thefacepainters@hotmail.com or telephone 01761463304

Health and Safety

   We use only the highest quality,  professional products, which are created for use on the skin.  Our paints are water based, hypoallergenic and comply with  FDA and/or EU cosmetic directives. We will always use a fresh clean sponge for each person and all our sponges are washed at 60 degrees in a washing machine after every event.

  However, this does not preclude an allergic reaction and the face painter will not be liable for allergic reactions to paints. 
  If your child has very sensitive skin, or is allergic to a range of common products, please inform our painters of 
        this before the child is  painted.  It is always possible to carry out a patch test, or to paint a small design on the hand (where skin is less sensitive)   to be on the safe side.
  Who We Will Paint

 We will not paint children under 3 years old. The skin of children under 3 is too sensative in our proffesional opinion. And our insurance will not cover us to paint under 3's.
 If a child is disinclined to have his or her face painted, the painter will not agree with the wishes of the parent or carer
 over the wishes of the child!  Young children do not always understand face painting - someone they do not know is doing  something to them, which they cannot see - so a small design on the hand may be more acceptable for them.  They can see what
 is being done, feel in control of the situation, and can look at it and enjoy it for the rest of the day.

  The Face Painters will not paint anyone who, in the opinion of the artist, appears to be suffering from a cold sore,            conjunctivitis or any other infectious skin complaint.  Similarly, eczema, open cuts and grazes are not suitable surfaces
  to paint.   However we will happily paint a design on the cheek, hand or arm as an alternative.

For Private parties we will issue a permission form for children to be painted and it is up to the hirer to ensure that each child is signed for on the form or a permission slip from the parents/guardian given. Each child will be called as per the list and any child not on the list will not be painted. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
  How to Remove our Face Paint
  The best way to wash off our face paint is to use soap and water.  
  Our Painters will not accept responsibility for any child in line or being painted.

                                                       Thefacepainters@hotmail.com or telephone 01761 463304

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